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Evidence of organized crime AND hate crime in American pornography for the government and law enforcement

Last night after my live webcast, a lot of evidence in regards to the various lies and possible truths from a multitude of pornographic industry figures on the twitter account @xtianpornstar – so I ask that those the information may

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Teleka Patrick case – closing thoughts Sunday April 6, 2014

Independent investigative blogger Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster shares that as of today, mainstream media has reported that a body has been found which may be that of Teleka Patrick. An autopsy to confirm this development in the Teleka Patrick

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Measure B, AB332, election & voter manipulation & the truth of Los Angeles porn

I ask all my readers to please take the time to click here and read the first part of a very important political sphere investigation I’ve launched – which is code named “PornGate”. The level of corruption I’ve uncovered is

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