How the Jewish and Satanists Insured the Porn Industry – Anti-Porn Activists are the Key

Many people wonder how the pornographic industry manages to retain it’s ties to organized crime, consistently break the law, consistently participate in sex trafficking, exploit countless young men and women, avoid paying residuals to actors and actresses (as mainstream Hollywood does) and permeate the minds of minors without seeming to ever have to face legal consequences.

Well the answer is simple, the pornography industry is owned and controlled by the same people as the United States government – Jewish people and Satanists.

Anti-porn activists have known this fact for years, however as of current virtually every antiporn activist (or should I say every politician in the anti-porn circuit aka INDUSTRY) is owned and controlled the the same Jewish people who dominate the porn industry. In fact the world’s most renowned anti-porn activist – Gail Dines just happens to be Jewish (so you know she’ll never really “rock the boat”).

In this webcast of Monica At Home – Christian Pornstar edition – Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster reads one of her recent blog posts from titled “How the Jewish have insured the porn industry will never disappear – anti-porn activists are the key”.

The perception of most anti-porn activists is far from the truth of who (and what) they really are – controlled opposition.

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