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adam and eve treeBefore you read further – please read an essay I just finished titled “How the Jewish have insured the porn industry will never disappear: Anti-porn activists are the key”.

If you want to be an anti-porn activist (which doesn’t really exist in the way that you believe such an activist does), you must FEAR the Jewish people. I learned today someone who I once called my close friend, without a doubt, is TERRIFIED of the Jewish people.  She, in fact, would be an excellent anti-porn activist for the Jewish controlled porn industry to fully support and finance.

Below is what I had to say on twitter today:

Just to make it clear, in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM does Diana fka @DesiFoxx / Desi Foxx agree with ANYTHING I’ve said or done. She is in NO WAY associated with ANY of my websites or blogs. I do encourage you all to follow Desi Foxx’s work however being that she is anti-porn whereas I am not.

I just want to make it 100% clear that my work (linked on ) is all MY OWN & @DesiFoxx is not associated with it. I may have inadvertently “pimped” Diana’s name – didn’t realize that was possible, but apparently it is. Anyhow my work will continue.

It’s time for a #rant (but it’s a #good one because my #weekend & #life has just improved due to some #insight I just had). Some people are simply never #happy & the only reason I’ve been #unhappy in the #past is due to unfortunately not realizing that I’ve been surrounded by #unhappy people. Both due to elements I couldn’t control & due to elements I COULD control but didn’t realize I could. I could go WAY back in time, but being that my blog only starts around when I entered #porn, that’s where I’ll start.

When I was in that world I met many unhappy #pornstars & #porn professionals. I saw how just a bit of #change could have made them happy, but the truth was they were just fine being #unhappy (hindsight is 20/20 of course – lol). Working with them was a waste of time.

Then I saw how unhappy the anti-porn people were because no one was giving a detailed account of what was really going on in that industry. I figured – well I sure can, so I did, but that didn’t make the anti-porn people happy because they like being unhappy way too much.

Then I realized that the general public seemed unhappy because they’re so addicted to porn. I thought, well – why don’t I go ahead and provide an outline that proves exactly who controls porn, the media, etc (yep – it really is the #Jewish - ), but the truth is no one really wanted the truth on that cause IT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF PEOPLE!

You’d think the ANSWER to someone’s problem & the TRUTH of it would make them happy, but OH NO, it doesn’t. Why? Because once you know how to fix something, it takes EFFORT to fix it and HARD WORK isn’t something most want to do (think the definition of #Lazy).

My #problem in life has been that I always wanted to make people #happy who really are perfectly fine with being #unhapppy. Now, I’m over it I don’t regret who I’ve been in the past, my life path or any of the work I’ve done. The sites linked on were a process it turns out for only #ME to find the #truth, see how the world works and really get a grasp of what many types of people are about.

Really, many of you could learn a lot from my work, but unless you were to do the hard work YOURSELF, you’d never reach the level of happiness that I finally reached today. My advice to many of you (especially if you’re an artist, inventor or creator) is to not worry about making other people’s lives better UNTIL you’ve made your OWN life better through your OWN hard work FIRST.

The reality is most people on this planet are VERY VERY VERY lazy. Then they have the nerve to get upset with the few hard workers when their (the hard worker’s) work isn’t enough to make their (the lazy people’s) lives better (even when they’ve done very little – if anything to contribute). It’s a HARD lesson to stomach, but it’s the truth.

“You only come around when you need me & my name to pimp something you know full well is wrong”. I’m not going to say WHO said that to me, but I will tell you this – if it’s #true, I totally need to rethink becoming a #pornographer – better yet a #politician. It’s all the same.

What’s on & my thoughts on the #Jewish scared to death the person who said this to me: & who has condemned #porn far more than I have… It’s interesting but telling.

People wonder HOW the #Jewish, who are only 2.2% of American society control everyone else. It’s through fear. A finely tuned machine that generates extreme, crippling, fear. The person I mentioned earlier who’s name I will no longer “pimp” – She’s scared to death of what’s on - so it seems to me, she should stop complaining about #porn, because explains exactly what #porn is. If you’re scared of the answer, why address the problem? It’s a complete waste of time.

As I said though, I’ll be continuing my work because for some reason, I’m not afraid. Come get me :)

jewacre twitterThe shit this guy does on is essentially what 2.2% of Americans use to scare lazy Christians.

FYI: Every anti-porn activist (as of current) is the #porn industry’s first line of #defense. #porn people should NEVER complain about them. #porn people who are #Jewish ESPECIALLY should NEVER complain about #antiporn activists, because they #INSURE the #problem is NEVER solved. it’s all just a silly #game to give people something to do to pass the time & ignore reality. – what #porn is.

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