*Update: The afternoon after I posted this, click here to learn what else the pornographic industry threw at me for BEING MYSELF and exercising my legal & spiritual RIGHTS.  

*Update 6.19.2014: Today I achieved my first legal victory against Marc Randazza - he failed to succeed in getting what he wanted from a judge in court today.

*Update 7.01.2014: Today my Motion for Dismissal wasn’t granted, however I was successful in getting everything on court record via my paperwork which needed to be.  Before the case began, I already won by allowing Jesus Christ in my life to restore & save my soul. I may not make it much longer, so  please CLICK HERE to read my latest thoughts and evidence of the gangstalking (organized stalking) I’ve endured in a blog post I’ve entitled “Being in Porn Can Kill You, but Speaking Out About It is the Deadliest Part” .

I found the answers I was looking for. Click here to read the truth of how far the corruption goes in regards to the pornographic industry and politics:

If I died at this moment, I’d be OK with it. Everything (even elements I didn’t anticipate) came full circle and I completed the puzzle.

My court date is July 1st, 2014. I don’t even care as to the outcome. Anyone “fighting” me, in actuality is just fighting themselves.

I’ve been fortunate enough to do just about every single thing I’ve always wanted to do in life.  I even have had the opportunity to do music…just recently…and you know what’s funny? I don’t ever need anyone to hear it. I just wanted the chance to do it.

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