A chart and image map of the lawsuits I’m facing – the TRUTH of the porn industry & organized crime

This is a chart and image map of the lawsuits I’m facing. It is the TRUTH of the porn industry and organized crime.

May 2014 - Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster lawsuit image map - truth of pornography and adult entertainment industry and organized crime

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I am not mentally ill. I am not crazy. I am not a failure.

I am an intelligent woman who’s brain is wired differently than most people’s. I see things that escapes many, and I do my best to convey the best way I know how what I’ve noticed and experienced.

I have documented the history (to my knowledge) and my interactions with the above individuals: Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition, Sean Tompkins of TheRealPornWikiLeaks (TRPWL), Matthew Holder, Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen, Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow and Julie Meadows aka Lydia Ann Lee on my various websites all linked through www.MindOfMonica.com (namely www.PornNewsToday.com, www.PornstarHookerAlert.com &  www.MonicaAtHome.com).


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