Why is Randazza Legal Group trying to fight my constitutional rights?

Monica Foster May 2014Just a brief update in regards to my legal issue with Randazza Legal Group – as of May 12, 2014 an Opposition to my In Forma Pauperis was filed by Jennifer Randazza and her representation (in otherwords her husband and his buddies).

For those who aren’t aware, an In Forma Pauperis is essentially a “fee waiver” for court costs. As you my long time friends & followers know, I’m broke – in part due to having dedicated much of my life over the past few years to my activism in regards to issues pertaining to the pornographic industry such as the elements of organized crime and the much needed enforcement of workplace (health) safety legislation.

So as of last night, I wrote the Courts a Reply to the Opposition of support of my In Forma Pauperis.  I need to redo my Affidavit for it (I didn’t realize you had to itemize your income and assets), so I will as soon as possible.

I just don’t get it. Randazza Legal Group should be good enough attorneys (Marc Randazza especially) to win fair and justly…shouldn’t they? Why are they trying to fight my constitutional rights to be able to represent myself? They’re a group of people with the scholastic background, professional experience and connections which amount to them essentially being a “Goliath” opposed to little ‘ole me – a simple cam girl, ex-pornstar and blogger.

I’ll keep you posted – you can download my reply to the court by clicking here.

FYI – Can you believe they dug up the issue of Lenny Dykstra in their Opposition? I mean COME ON!

Oh, and one more thing – it turns out I can attend court remotely via telephone :) Thank God for that little miracle considering I’m in fear for my life when it comes being in physical proximity to anyone attached to Marc Randazza and/or my stalkers who have stated on multiple occasions they’d be there.

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