Debt Bondage, Sex Trafficking, Randazza Legal Group & Alexandra Mayers return to porn – a Monica At Home EASTER special

***Update 5/1/2014 : Twice now, individuals affiliated with Randazza Legal Group have posted the make and model of my vehicle on highly trafficked porn industry websites. The first time, was on by Marc Randazza and the second time today – on a website which links to a hardcore pornographic paysite controlled by 2 men who have stalked myself, family and various others for about 3 years now (Ari Scott Bass and Sean Tompkins). In addition, today my financial information along with my address was posted alongside a photograph of me of which Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen (a porn director who in 2011 suggested that I commit suicide) OR Larry Flynt Productions (Hustler) owns the copyright to.

These actions by those affiliated with Randazza Legal Group appear to be an effort to incite physical harm (violence) against me and/or a murder. As of current I can not discuss the frivolous lawsuit of which Randazza Legal Group has filed against me seeking a judgement in excess of $50,000, but what I do know, is that the law suit appears to be an effort to attain my websites and sextraffick me into areas of the pornographic industry of which I’m not comfortable working in.

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the real ari bass aka michael whiteacre

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On today’s special Easter edition of Monica At Home – I announce my possible return to the pornographic industry due to currently being named in a frivolous lawsuit by Jennifer of Randazza Legal Group – which is an effort to enslave me to Marc Randazza via debt bondage.

I believe Marc Randazza has a relationship with the Nevada brothels via Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Sean Tompkins (TRPWL) and Marc Spiegler. I believe their goal is to essentially sextraffick me into the Nevada legal brothel system by utilizing (and abusing) the Nevada courts to create a $10,000 debt of which I would have to pay to Jennifer Randazza if my motion to dismiss the lawsuit is not granted.

In this webcast I will cover how associates of Marc Randazza (Randazza Legal Group) have habitually stalked, harassed, cyber bullied and defamed myself and family members (namely my father) over the years.

I will present evidence which shows communication between Marc Randazza and those who claimed to take down pornwikileaks, but did not – as well as evidence of which I believe points to the initial communication I received (of which I believed was from Jennifer Randazza) in actuality being a “set-up” by Randazza Legal Group in effort to establish grounds for a lawsuit.

In effort to not be forced into the Nevada Brothels via this lawsuit by Randazza Legal Group, I have opted to announce that I will return to the pornographic industry as a performer if a $10,000 legal judgement is made against me. As a solo independent webcam girl I don’t believe I could pay off a $10,000 in the time given to me, but by re-entering the pornographic industry I may be able to.

Regardless, I fear for my life at this stage. If I return to pornography I believe I am bound to contract HIV / AIDS – so if the Nevada courts rule against me – they are essentially a party to manslaughter (aka murder).

I believe the current situation of which I’m in, is solid evidence of how the pornographic industry will not allow performers to leave (or speak out).


click to enlarge to learn exactly what sex trafficking is, and how Randazza Legal Group's actions may result in my being a sextrafficking victim.

click to enlarge to learn exactly what sex trafficking is, and how Randazza Legal Group’s actions may result in my being a sextrafficking victim.

Click to enlarge – proof in the form of a comment from an adult industry blog that since 2011 Sean Tompkins aka TRPWL has been working with people I believe to be attached to organized crime within the pornographic industry (within the Free Speech Coalition) to file a fraudulent civil lawsuit against me.

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