Monica Foster At Home 2014 – Wednesday 04-09-2014

Alexandra aka Monica Foster presents the latest pornographic industry news, first amendment issues, current events, legal sphere topics and drama.

On today’s webcast I discuss how my account was just deleted from the Jewish controlled Xbiz magazine’s social networking site without valid or justifiable reason (I haven’t posted on their forum since porn industry attorney Marc Randazza posted the make and model of a car I had without my authorization suggesting that I drive off a cliff – was that a death threat?).

I review a post on I posted in regards to Xbiz and I question why another porn attorney by the name of Lawrence Walters Esq. appears to support the production of child pornography, while at the same time defends tube sites (which have been an element that’s been financial devastating to the pornographic industry).

I also question why the discussion forum is more focused on (which is an educational exploration of the Jewish community – it is not an anti-semetic website), than it is on the anti porn activists within the Free Speech Coalition who are attempting to overturn 2257 record keeping laws which protect minors and children from being exploited in adult content? Why am I personally, such a hot topic within the pornographic community?

Later in the webcast I inform the public that pornstars DO NOT receive residuals like mainstream Hollywood actors and actresses in America. I question why the Free Speech Coalition is not willing to fight for performers to receive residuals, yet they are willing to fight for porn producers to not have to pay for performer STD testing (which is something they are legally required to do being that performers are legally defined as EMPLOYEES).

I take note that as of current Marc Randazza is claiming on that it is legal to shoot pornographic content ANYWHERE in the United States (he cites the “people vs Freeman” case), even though it is common knowledge that it is only legal to shoot pornographic content in California and New Hampshire.

Lastly, I explain how the movie Not the Cosbys XXX 2 breaches obscenity laws, by desecrating the African-American (Black) institution “The Cosby Show”, by depicting the character of Rude as a minor being molested (in otherwords the movie depicts child pornography – mainstream consumers did not expect to see such a scene in what was advertised as a mainstream porn parody).

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