My response to Marc Randazza & his wife Jennifer’s false allegations

A few days ago I blogged about this situation here:

On my webcast today I decided to address the matter of Jennifer Brochey Randazza (wife of organized crime attached pornographic industry attorney Marc Randazza) in detail.

Alexandra aka Monica Foster presents the latest pornographic industry news, first amendment issues, current events, legal sphere topics and drama.

On this webcast I discuss porn industry, copyright and self proclaimed First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza (aka Marco Randazza of Randazza legal group). Independent investigative blogger at one stage posed the question as to whether or not Marc Randazza’s wife, Jennifer is a “slut”.

Monica Foster aka Alexandra Mayers explores the definition of the word SLUT, presents an overview as to it’s synonyms such as “whore”, “prostitute”, a “promiscuous woman” and it’s alternate definition which refers to a woman who has “low standards of cleanliness”.

Monica Foster aka Alexandra relates the definition of the word SLUT to Marc Randazza’s belief that the Los Angele’s porn industry’s performer testing being adequate (though Isadore Hall III today essentially proved that it’s not being that his Assembly Bill – AB 1576 – a condom mandate – just moved forward) and questions exactly why Marc Randazza has written extensive blogs on the topics of prostitution and the types of men pornstars date.

Has Marc Randazza frequented prostitutes and pornstars sexually in the past? It’s not clear – however considering his detailed blog about unprotected sex with his wife Jennifer which resulted in the conception of his daughter, it’s very clear that he’s not someone who utilized condoms to prevent the transmission of deadly STDs and STI’s such as HIV in the past.

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