It’s finally come to a porn industry attorney blatantly telling lies about me on a court complaint

monica foster 2014As you know, since my entrance and escape from the Los Angeles pornographic industry slave system quite a bit has happened.  I’ve been exploited, raped, manipulated, stalked, harassed, terrorized and endlessly gossiped about (as of current on Pornwikileaks, it seems as though posters can’t decide as to whether to stick to the story of me being a hooker who turns tricks for $140 a pop, or a frigid old maid who hasn’t had sex in a year – LOL).

Today was the icing on the cake though… Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group actually blatantly LIED on a court complaint that I am part of a “conspiracy” to “extort” him, am “anti-semetic” AND that I launched because his children go to a Jewish school of some sort (click here to read the details).

I decided to address Marc Randazza’s wife, Jennifer Randazza in regards to the matter as well – click here to read an open letter I’ve posted to her.

This is all quite comical and amazing to me, because honestly, I believe if I were a Jewish man (or any man for that matter), with the exact same traits I embody, I wouldn’t be prone to ANY of the above allegations. Take some time to read this link about Harvey Levin – a Jewish attorney turned journalist who created TMZ.

It appears to be OK for Harvey Levin to comment to the mainstream media about African-Americans, yet I’m labeled as “anti-semetic” for commenting on and creating an educational explorative platform about Jewish people….Can we say DOUBLE STANDARD?

I don’t know how my journey in life will end, but regardless, at this stage in the “game of life” I know I’ve done one hell of a good job. I ALMOST feel as though I’ve finally touched the edge of the beginning of the type of success I’ve always aspired to reach.  It’s not about money for me and it never has been – it’s about something losers like Marc Randazza are completely ignorant of and incapable of ever being privy to.

Amended Complaint in Equity for a Bill of Pure Discovery, Marc J. Randazza Harassment Suit

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