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worth it

Just a quick blog this morning to share a thought: It doesn’t matter whether or not your actions are viewed as being “worth the time and effort” to anyone else but YOU. Don’t feel guilty about taking into account YOUR

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Jewacre – Episode 01 – a cartoon animated parody


Jewacre concocts a plan to trick Britney into sleeping with pornstar Zander in effort to attain a celebrity sextape to release exclusively on  the website The Fake Pornwikileaks.  Throughout his efforts Jewacre has multiple flashbacks about the woman he’s been

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Jewacre – a new animated parody series that tells the truth of the adult film industry – from Porn Worth Watching

Welcome to the launch “Jewacre” – a new animated parody series from the mind of Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as Monica Foster). Jewacre will relate much of the truth of the Los Angeles porn industry in an insightful, educational &

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Breaking bonds and moving on…

Well, it seems (at least today) that my progress in regards to “Re-examining the darkness from the light” has reached the finish line far sooner than I’d anticipated.  Today I felt very clear and free of quite a few issues

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Constructing an outlet for my anger regarding my realization that I was with a very bad man

As I stated in my previous blog, I’m allowing myself to re-evaluate in detail a relationship I was in while I was active in the porn industry.  I’ve received feedback from people who read my blogs about my decision to

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Once in a blue moon, I'm live on my solo adult webcam.